Board Members

Board and Members                                                                          

Samatha Is headed by an elegant executive board and supported by other members. There are several sub- committees that are permanent and Temporary sub-committees are formed in accordance with the activities planned time to time. Samatha is also supported and constantly guided by many dignitaries from all sectors of the civil society and by various organizations and individuals.

Executive members

President                    : Mr.Shiji .K.K [ 9496155928 ]
Vice President             : Mr.K.L.Deepu [ 9656952105 ]
Secretary                    : Mr.T.V. Ashokan [ 7736355468 ]
Joint Secretary            : Mr.T.J. Nelson [ 9495014529 ]
Treasurer                    : Mr.Jacob Thomas [ 9447224625 ]
K. Madhu
Sham Kumar
V.P. George
T.C. Stephen