Samatha Cultural Organization is the result of an association of young minds, to come together and make significant changes in individuals, families and subsequently to the society. Since its humble beginning in June 1994, Samatha had come a long way, as a socio-cultural organization, contributing to various segments of an underprivileged community around it. Samatha had become a registered youth organization in February 1st, 1995 under Govt. Charitable Act.

As a youth organization, Samatha had taken up and selflessly performed a number of social activities, ranging from conducting medical camps to educating poor students. Its unselfish contributions to the community were appreciated by many, and won honors for its excellence, including Best Youth Club award in 2010, by Nehru Yuva Kendra, Ministry of Youth Affairs &Sports, Govt. of India. Lead by an executive committee of highly regarded individuals, and in accordance with the community leaders Samatha is anticipating to extend its reach to the far boundaries of the society.


Samatha students scores high in State Secondary School exams
Students who were supported by Samatha scored high in State School Secondary Exams made everyone proud. All the 9 students passed out with an A+ grade.

Samatha eye donation program made many lives enlighten
Samatha initiated a voluntary Eye Donation Program and so far six people were benefitted from the program.

Samatha's new office building inaugurated
Samatha has built a new Office and Activity Center which was inaugurated by Mr. A.A. Shukoor, Member of Legislative Assembly on 9th May 2011. The MLA took selfless interest in allowing a building fund under MLA's Special Development Fund for Samatha to make this dream come true.

Samatha Library is open for public
Considering the essential role Books and Literature play to lift up people's spirit, Samatha started a library for the public in 2011. Many had contributed books and journals, members and non-members alike, to the Library to make it possible. The library consists books from most genres and is expanding. The library also has an exclusive children's section. Anyone with a Library membership can avail books or Journals from the Library.

Samatha's Coastal Computer Literacy Program
Samatha's Coastal Computer Literacy Program is to be inaugurated by Hon. Union Minister of State for Power on 20th May 2012. The program is initiated to provide computer literacy to the rural community in association with Micro objects Pvt.Ltd, Cochin, opening up an opportunity for the people of all ages.

Monthly Pension for the Elderly – more to be included
Samatha is planning to include more elderly citizens to its Monthly Pension Program. Samatha started the monthly pension program for the aged and the poor from 2011 and currently supporting 10 senior citizens who need it the most.